Julia de los Reyes

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We humbly invite you to the extension of her home.
As she shares her life about Charities, Tradings, Hotels & Resorts and her walk in God. Make no exemptions, Her life is a testimony of God’s Love and Grace.

The De los Reyes International Tradings is composed of the Spanish – Far East Asian Family Traders under the Supervision and Protection of the House of the Castilla - Habsburg Family and the Borbon Family during the 18th Century.

The Products my Ancestors used to Trade are Pearls, Porcelains and Natural Resources from Asia to Spain.

After long Generations have passed, the only remaining Trading Company during the 1970’s to 1990’s was the Filipinas Electrical Lighting and Engineering Inc. in Makati, Davao Fisheries and the Petroleum Company in another country.  

During the early 90’s , when I was still in Grade School, my Grandparents decided to retire without anyone to leave the Electrical Engineering Company. Therefore, after 20 years of Trading, they needed to close Filipinas Lights.

My Father is managing the Petroleum business in another country, while, my Mother during her younger years is a partner of New York Bus Transit and Trading products from Germany to United States of America. When they were older, Both, have the passion in Sales for Real Estates, Developing houses to sell it in the market.

When my Grandmother have passed away, I always remember her encouragements, inculcated to me. She is a kind Lady and a mother figure to me. That is why, I decided to re-open our Trading Company under our Official name during the 1800’s to honor my Ancestors. I want to continue Trading in Europe like the olden days because, most of my connection, whether Family, Friends or Associates are there.

Just like the olden times.